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Most women are able to get more pleasure from contemplating their beautiful body in the mirror than from sex. So, women, strive for harmony. Complexes of pre-trip remote medical examinations are an innovative development that allows you to optimize the company's costs for non-production items, and so on. What is Anhidrosis (anidrosis) - photos, causes, symptoms and treatment.

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Anhidrosis is a pathological condition that is provoked by the pathology of the functioning of the sweat glands and is expressed by a sharp reduction in sweat secretion, up to its absolute stop. Gradually progressing, the disease can cause a complete cessation of sweating activity. 

Anhidrosis is called a violation when a person does not have sweating or sweat is produced in extremely insufficient volumes. This condition is associated with a pathology of the structure or activity of the sweat glands. There can be a large number of reasons for this, they are all divided into congenital and acquired.

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In acquired conditions, such a pathology is released not only from the sweat glands, but also causes a number of other diseases and pathological conditions. Due to the fact that a person does not sweat and the skin is not moisturized, the functions of the body deteriorate against this background.

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